Marriage Traditions in Guatemala

Weddings in Guatemala really are a blend of cultures. The way of life is very religious and highly areas family, and this is reflected in their wedding party traditions. Even though they are really very different by weddings in the West, the majority of Guatemalans continue to be committed to a classic wedding ceremony. The two bride and groom must carry out selected duties.

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Marriages in Guatemala are generally performed in a church. Yet , couples could also choose to currently have a municipal ceremony before a religious a person. In this way, the service can be more personalized and intimate. Moreover, it is expensive less than a faith based wedding ceremony. Guatemalans also are open to common-law marriages.

Traditionally, Guatemalan brides dress in a hand-woven, colorful folk outfit, which is sometimes called a huipil. Some likewise choose a common white-colored wedding dress. The huipil fabric is also used designed for the bride’s wedding equipment. The groom usually wears a regular dress go well with or a tux. After the wedding service, the groom and bride kneel before an older in the community. The elder will wrap them in a smoke.

The groom and bride also exchange 13 gold coins. These are known as se?al and are blessed by a clergyman. The soon-to-be husband is supposed to provide his star of the wedding these types of coins dating a latina tips to represent wife guatemala his commitment with her. This custom made is followed by a small reception.


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